Welcom to eSurvey - Online survey software | offline Surveys software

eSurvey develops a Web-based solutions for conducting feedback surveys and ONLINE tests. 
Our solutions allows you to benefit from a wide range of applications that collect information into a single platform. 

eSurvey Collaborates with companies from the fields of business and consulting companies ,in the areas
of research,
  Allowing our customers to enjoy comprehensive solutions including carrying out studies, surveys and feedback of a wide variety of needs.

eSurvey offers businesses, research institutions and academic schools, the tools for conducting research and
data gathering 
using an online survey software with the best user interface, powerfull, flexible and user-friendly
capabilities for survey production.

Among our clients are private companies, research firms, consulting firms, municipalities ,HI TECH companies,
And more. 

We will be happy to provide you with the most flexible solution, reliable solution , most flexible 
Most importantly user friendly, including full support that will give the best reponse to your every need for
Collecting and analyzing your data, as well as developing capabilities of new fetures for your business needs.

eSurvey is probably the best Online survey software in Israel

eSurvey Survey software is the best survey software in israel for online surveys, offline surveys, for market
research, for data gathering for mystery shppoer sample, for online exams and much more.
We provide the enterprise solution with incredibly intelligent performance and simple back office
enabling practicly anyone from your organization to work on our platform and with amazingly fast
response time of our survey software and of our tech support.

Setting up new surveys ,distribution surveys by email or text messages, collecting and analysis of a wide
range of surveys and feedback questionnaires or online tests, offline survey sampling and much more.

Survey software introduces centralized management console interface for both online surveys
and for offline surveys, all of the surveys can be conducted on your mobile phone,PC, tablet or laptop,
which allows access for your organization to conduct online surveys by remote management.

Through centralized management and with cost effective solution you rid yourself from having to purchase
or Manage a web server or managing your organizational surveys by outsourcing. 

By using eSurvey you can choose from a diverse monthly Payment the addapts to your ever growing needs.
you can enjoy a wide range of uses for our survey platform, starting from a Range of simple customer
satisfaction surveys,
employee surveys satisfaction,employee attitude surveys, Interteam feedback surveys, feedback after receiving a service, collecting data, Mystery shopper and much more variety of surveys
and questionnaires
sSurvey software has a variety of of questions types and functionality the empowers you to conduct 
smart questionnaires, with many custom designs that can be Independently adpated to your organization needs.
Manage surveys users , manage external survey viewers, Allow the users answering the tests questionnaires
view thier own results compared with the whole population of survey results with clever mechanisms for making viewing and analyzing survey data with our online tools very easy.

Uses for our survey software is online knowledge tests, tests for recruitment in
The organization or outside the organization, including a wide range of options for sharing information and tests results with other HR teams
from within the organization or outside the organization.

Other uses are on the data analysis , using survey software eSurvey you can use the online tool for
Smart analysis in order to get the best output from your survey, among other things, you can enjoy a variety of Excel reports ,PPT and Online Analysis Tool and raw data.