eSurvey is proud to present the next generation of mobile survey solution.

eSurvey Survey Software allows its customers to benefit from an online survey management software
without the need
to purchase Web servers to manage their systems in order  to create custom web surveys. 

eSurvey mobile Survey Software system lets you enjoy a smart and dynamic survey tool ,with amazing 
adapting design that self adjust its design to fit the devise he is operating on,
Any mobile device, tablet
device, PC, Laptop or Mobile Device , we support all major common devices allowing you to carry out an
online survey to your clients.

eSurvey mobile Survey Software
offers you the opportunity  to enjoy a variety of uses for the purpose of collecting and analyzing information  directly from our central online survey managment software.

Here is an example uses a mobile survey:

We offer you to enjoy performing customer satisfaction surveys after buying in one of the chain stores,
or after calling your customer service call center,all you need to do is
Print a QR CODE on invoice for
scanning and answering your satisfaction survey after exit  Shop, SMS your clients a survey  to thier mobile
phone for an immediate survey feed back or email them in order to get thier input in thier own free time.

Scan QR CODE on advertising where customers can express their opinion about a topic or product. 
perform Satisfaction survey after receiving services from service centers, or after receiving municipal services.

The variety of options is basically unlimited, since eSurvey mobile survey software adapts to your every need,
you practicly do anything that meets your organization needs and you will be free to execute them
with high precision.


Mobile Survey - online survey

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