About eSurvey

eSurvey Orintec Is a specialized software provider based in israel company. esurvey was founded in
order to provide the growing need of small and medium businesses for a reliable software provider of surveys.
the CATI software providers offer a wide range pf products the usually is a product that most companies
can not use due to pricing or due to lack of sepcielized personal to oparate thier software.

eSurvey provides an easy very smart product that enables you to implement
our solution in Minimum time and cost and get on the fast rack of data collection from your end users
or your market research sampling.

eSurvey as a cloud based solution can be deployed in matter of minutes and start gathering data in a flash.
with a simple user interface you be able to lounch your survey in minutes and start analizing data from anywhere.

We believe in reliability as well as in technologie, that is why we provide the best product as well as amazing
tech support.