offline survey app

eSurvey brings The offline  tool & solution for collectiong data & reviewing  data ,analizing data
from both online surveys and offline surveys - all from one smart flexible
and user friendly software.

eSurvey software systems provides companies and organizations the right tools to carry out cloud-based surveys.
Design build and distribut Web-based surveys on a single platform with a reliable quick efficient and flexible capabilities with Endless growth capabilities. we are very happy to announce that we now support offline surveys with our new app designed for android devices.

The new solution introduces an innovative data collection on your Android device without an active Internet connection. 
To date, the majority of data collection, performance evaluations or surveys demanded an active Internet connection, Today we present a solution for collecting data offline - Offline Survey software Application. 

Our Offline Surveys solutions for collecting samples, interviews, gathering  mystery shopper samples, 
Border crossings samples, interviews, basically any kind of interview or feedback from any place and at any time. 
All the collected data are stored on your mobile device until the moment you have an Internet connection 
Actively and with one click all of the interviews will be stored on a survey while the survey manager and customers 
Receive all data immediately and without having to transfer "manually" by e-mail, without export and import data through All anyone other means. 

ESurvey survey builder allows you to build your surveys on intuitive Web interface 
And simple to use from anywhere, assign users to specific surveys and thereby adjust the survey pollsters 
Your. Meanwhile, you can maintain a high quality sample is managed efficiently and fast data collection operation from anywhere 
At any time without restrictions or Internet communication. 

ESurvey, developed by the company Aorintk allows you to integrate business models, smart questions 
Mobile adjustments rushing smart, modular surveys, questionnaires are adapted to a wide range of screens between 
Or mobile surveys and whether surveys of attitudes to the standard computer luggage polls. You get access 
A powerful tool that enables you to streamline procedures for internal and external enterprise to collect information efficiently
Fast and smart. 

The variety of application possibilities surveys important to note that the system adapts optimally 
For all major computer products available on the market, smartphones, computers are based WINDOWS, 
MAC based computers, and more. 

Options management and distribution and allocation sub-system users classes 
System management options Knowledge tests and questionnaires including results explanations and more 
Htamol many different design according to the needs and personalized customer 
Combining smart questions 
Filtering mechanisms and integrating smart bouncing questionnaires to a wide range of populations 
Adjusted financial statements 
Financial variety of formats 
Statistics tailored response equipment 

Here is an example uses a mobile surveys: