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Information Systems Solutions feedback surveys and knowledge tests

eSurvey brings yous the best feedback and survey systems from israel. 

Simple enterprise solution along with intelligent building performance, you can easily distribute,
collect and analyze big data with a wide range of tools provided by our online Survey software

To be used with Questionnaires and other feedback options.

survey solutions from orintec eSurvey shows the "blue box" - a solution that enables organizations to perform 

online surveys collect and manage the information collected through the online survey software via web access
In addition to creating a third party access to data collected to a specific survey – question and or all data coleected.

This solution, which is consumed mainly through large firms enjoy an overall solution that allows an open 
Terms of use peripheral, regardless of the nature or quantity surveys performed within the organization.
In this case, the organization is not required to purchased self installed and maintained expensive hardware,

The organization thus enjoys independence in the management of survey management care free,
let us do all the investment and worries of handling bug data hardware management.

Surveys by eSurvey software introduces centralized management interface which allows access to all
of your organization surveys remotely via online management system. Through this centralized
management interface you rid yourself from having to Manage a web server or managing the
survey inside or outside your organization on self maintained hardware.

By using a monthly SaaS {software as a service} model, you can enjoy a wide range of uses in polls 
Ranging  from simple examples mobile surveys for customer satisfaction surveys after receiving a service,
 surveys of employee or attitude surveys, Inter team feedback surveys, feedback after receiving
the service, collecting data Mystery shopper, a variety of outlets by using tasks adapted to the polls app,
performance evaluations at point of sale and so much more.

Using eSurvey survey software as a management system for knowledge tests, tests for recruitment
within The organization or outside the organization, including a wide range of options for sharing

information from the questionnaire and sharing Results of the answered questionnaire.

Other uses are in analysis and exporting survey data - using eSurvey survey software you can use
 for Smart analysis with ease, you can produce a wide variety of Excel reports 
PPT and Online Analysis Tool.