eSurvey proud to present the next generation of Internet surveys.

eSurvey online survey software allows its customers to benefit from an online survey management tools 
without the need
to purchase new Web servers and to manage the system in order to create custom web
survey or mobile surveys.

The online survey software lets you enjoy a smart and dynamic tools that enables an adaptive survey design for
Any mobile device or tablet device in order to carry out an online survey. 

eSurvey online survey software system allows you to enjoy a variety of uses for the purpose of collecting and analyzing information from the internet directly to eSurvey Data center management console without time
gaps and data transfer:

Here is an example that uses a mobile adaptive surveys: 

One of the more widely used solutions is the customer satisfaction surveys which is being conducted after a customer buys your product or after a cutomer service call and you would like to get a feedback about your representatives. 
Another solution is  to send your clients with a text message (SMS) for mobile feeedback,
Print a QR CODE on an invoice for scanning and answering a lot of satisfaction survey after they exit your shop.

Scan a QR code on an advertisement where customers can express their opinion about a topic or a product. 
Our Club Survey distribution preferences for this or that perform as part of the service experience. 
Satisfaction survey after receiving services mobile service centers, service centers and other city residents. 

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